Kandama Story


What is KANDAMA?

Kandama is a social enterprise incubated by the Singapore International Foundation with the support of McKinsey & Company under the 2016 Young Social Entrepreneurs Program.
In 2017, it was restructured by its founder Victor Baguilat Jr. in lieu of the Leadership Excellence Achievement Program (LEAP) of the Organizational Change Consultants International Inc. (OCCI)

As a social enterprise, Kandama organized women of Julongan village in Kiangan, Ifugao to start their association of weavers.

On September 5-7, 16 and 17, 2016, Kandama conducted its first Basic Weaving workshop as part of Kandama’s comprehensive Community Development Program, which is run by Rachel Baguilat. Thereafter, it has conducted two other workshops, which includes its second workshop on Basic Weaving and the Vision-Mission Goal Workshop using Appreciative Inquiry.

To ensure a lasting social impact to the villagers of Julongan, Kandama provides upright looms and it constructed two temporary weaving centers, which also serves as a day care center and help desk for the weavers of Julongan village in Kiangan, Ifugao.

In order to scale its social impact, Kandama sought the assistance of the Philippine Textile and Research Institute (PTRI) for training and for additional looms.


Kandama is a social enterprise inspiring creative synergy among master weavers, modern designers, and indigenous artisans to create a lighthouse of living traditions that empower women.

Kandama seeks to provide opportunities for the indigenous women in skill building and environmental education through the production of garments which incorporate indigenous woven products into fashionable pieces for the modern woman.

Kandama works with master weavers, modern designers, and indigenous artisans to create beautiful and functional products that express the timeless traditions of these cultural communities while meeting the needs of the modern market. Through innovative product design product diversification, branding and niche marketing, Kandama is expanding the market for these works of art to ensure that these communities will continue their traditions and way of life and keep nurturing the terraces that sustain them.

Our Founder

  • Victor Baguilat

    Victor Baguilat

    CEO & Founder

The Designers

  • Jeff Tonog

    Jeff Tonog

    In-house Fashion Designer
  • Joco Calimlim

    Joco Calimlim

    Furniture Designer
  • John Rufo

    John Rufo

  • Ranroe


The crew

  • LA Sevilla

    LA Sevilla

    Product Developer
  • Stephen Atienza

    Stephen Atienza

  • Elaine Tionquiao

    Elaine Tionquiao

  • Jiecel Ramirez

    Jiecel Ramirez

  • Mark Escay

    Mark Escay

    Product Developer
  • Dave Academia

    Dave Academia

    Operations Manager
  • Erick Divina

    Erick Divina

    Branding Consultant

What is our social impact?

  • Establishment of 2 temporary weaving centers
  • Conducted 4 skill building and community development workshops
  • Donated 10 upright looms
  • Donated threads

How can you help?

Buy Kandama fundraising shirts- Proceeds will go to the establishment a weaving center and help desk for indigenous women

Sponsor the construction of a weaving center and help desk for indigenous women – Contact us for our sponsorship package

Spread our cause – Like us on Facebook and Instagram and join our events.